Commercial Recycling Containers: Selection Tips For Eco-Friendly Companies

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Commercial Recycling Containers: Selection Tips For Eco-Friendly Companies

20 December 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

If your business cares about the environment, then you might want to purchase some commercial recycling containers. Then you'll have a dedicated place to put materials that can be recycled. Just remember these selection tips for a sound container investment.  

Get Enough Storage Capacity

You can find commercial recycling containers in a lot of different sizes and they'll typically be categorized by the gallons of materials that can be recycled. Make sure you set your sights on the right storage capacity from the start.

To find this out, think about the number of recyclable materials your commercial business tends to collect. You may need to monitor this for several months to get a clear understanding of this quantity amount. Once you do though, you can order recycling containers that are sized perfectly for your site and thus have an easy time with recycling efforts from here on out. 

Make Sure the Container Is Distinct

One thing you don't want to happen with recycling containers put around your commercial property is for people to confuse them with regular trash cans. That would be a disaster because then trash and recyclable materials wouldn't end up at the right destinations.

You can avoid this complication if you try your best to find recycling containers that are really distinct to that the odds of mistaking them for something else are low. For instance, if you got green recycling containers that had a recycling symbol on all sides, you can make sure only recyclable materials end up in these solutions. 

Opt for Professional Visuals

Since your commercial recycling containers will be clearly visible to encourage proper recycling efforts, you want to make sure they have professional visuals. Then they can help you maintain the right image for your company, regardless of what sector you're in.

Fortunately, there are endless looks for commercial recycling containers. Some are shaped like a square while others are circular and come with sealable lids. What you need to do is review the aesthetics of different options online, at least until you find containers that make sense for the type of vibe your property needs to show off at all times.

A great way to encourage recycling around a commercial building is to put out recycling containers around multiple locations. You just need to find containers that are well-built, look professional, and clearly show where recyclable materials should go. Then your company can feel good about its recycling efforts as a whole. 

Contact a local recycling service to learn more about commercial recycling containers.