Military Rank Pins—Display Tips To Remember

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Military Rank Pins—Display Tips To Remember

27 February 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog

When you serve in the military, you'll eventually receive pins as you rank up. They show your hard work and accomplishments in an elegant manner. If you ever want to display these pins after your military career is over, here are some things to be aware of. 

Invest in a Quality Display Case 

One of the best ways to display military rank pins that you received in your lifetime is to use a display case. It gives your pins added protection from the elements, as well as a professional look that you can be proud to show off.

You just need to find a quality display case in the beginning for your pins. You have many options to choose from, but it helps to focus on key specs. These include size, materials, and visual properties. Compare these specs with different display cases until you find the perfect one that can work out great long-term.

Put Dark Felt in the Background of Case

Once you find a display case for all your military rank pins, it's a good idea to cut out a piece of dark felt and put it in the background. This does a couple of things. First of all, the felt will help your pins stand out more because black is a neutral color. This black felt also will give your military rank pins adequate protection when inside a display case. Even if you accidentally move the display case, the pins will have a soft material behind them to prevent things like scratches and dings from happening.

Secure Pins to the Felt

Another advantage of putting black felt behind your military rank pins inside a display case is you can secure them to this material. Thus, they won't be able to move around and get out of their assigned position at any point.

You just need to find the best securing method for your military rank pins. Something you might consider in particular is getting thread and sewing it around your pins to hold them onto the black felt. This will keep the pins secure, but you can easily cut the thread if you ever need to take the pins out to clean them later on.

If you have military rank pins that you received for serving in the military, you may eventually want to display them. As long as you follow the right protocols, you can achieve great results.  

To learn more about displaying army rank pins, contact a local service provider.