What Are Tube Beads?

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What Are Tube Beads?

24 June 2022
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Sheet metal has to be machined to be in a usable state. The metal can be cut, rolled, molded, bent, and shaped. Without any of those various processes, all the pipes and tubes used in places like your plumbing or your car wouldn't exist. One particular machining process used on tubes and pipes is creating a bead on the ends of the tubes and pipes.  

Tube Beading

A bead on the end of the tube is a raised area that encircles the tube or pipe, usually set back a little from the end. The reason to have that bead is so that a clamp can be applied when hoses are connected to the tube. The bead stops the clamp from coming off the tube and the hose from coming loose. The bead also makes the tube a little wider at the end, making the hose fit tighter. A tighter fit will also help keep the hose on the tube and help avoid leaks. These beads can be made in a couple of different ways. 

Internal Roll Forming

The tube is placed in the machine for an internal roll forming and held still. Then, tools are placed inside the tube and slowly start rolling around the inside. The devices, which can be operated by hand or by the forming machine, will exert pressure on the sides of the tube, creating the bead. It is generally a slow process. That means that this process will work better for small orders or custom orders. One benefit of using internal roll forming to create a bead is that it is an excellent choice for parts that need a very tight tolerance. 

Ram Forming

Ram forming involves dies and punches. The tools are placed inside the tube and around the tube. The tube is jammed onto the punches, and the bead is created. It is a quicker process than internal roll forming. The pressure does heat the metal, which may cause slight distortion around the bead. That distortion makes it more challenging to produce a part that will fit very tight tolerances, but the speed of the process can make it a good choice for large jobs or jobs that need to be done quickly. 

Tube beading is a vital machining process to make tubes and pipes more usable. Two different methods exist to form tube beads. Each has its place and works really well for certain situations. 

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