Three Small Improvements All Self Storage Owners Should Make to Their Unit

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Three Small Improvements All Self Storage Owners Should Make to Their Unit

19 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Self-storage is one of the easiest ways to make sure that the belongings that you don't need every day remain safe and out of sight. Of course, for the very reason they are out of sight they can deteriorate and get worn down if you are not careful. Self-storage units are well maintained, but you are the one with the key and responsibility to look after your individual unit. Here are a few ways you can make the place safer for your precious belongings and make sure they last for when you want to use or see them again in the future. 

Place a Tarp Down Before Storing Anything

While self-storage units are kept safe from rain and other external water sources, sometimes other owners of neighboring self-storage units will have liquids that do leak. If this undesirable liquid, whatever it is from alcohol to motor oil, will seep under the walls and get into your own belongings. Placing down a tarp on the floor and making sure that the edges are slightly raised will ensure a much better chance that nothing affects whatever it is you have in your room. The last thing you want to do is be greeted by a horrific smell when you next open your unit and find a bio-hazard of aging liquid and rotting items you were excited to see. 

Stack Where Possible

Not only is stacking good because it keeps items off of the floor (see above point) but it also increases space and, most important of all, makes it much easier to locate something you are after. There is nothing more frustrating than going to your self-storage unit and spending hours looking for something you swore was in there only to find it isn't around. If you want you can also keep an itinerary of everything you take in and out, but that might be a little too much work, in which case stacking is more than adequate. 

Remote Monitors

Many self-storage units offer remote monitoring devices, and if they don't then you can find your own, third-party options easily enough. These remote monitors will let you know if someone is moving around in your unit or if the temperature is rising drastically. They can even be fitted with a camera although that is quite rare as there is generally no need for that much technology. A simple monitoring app that allows you to check humidity, temperature, and motion on your phone is more than adequate, so consider getting one before you leave your storage unit alone for months at a time. 

To learn more, contact self-storage facilities.