Using Hydraulic Truck Crane Systems for Your Business

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Using Hydraulic Truck Crane Systems for Your Business

25 January 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Hydraulic truck cranes can be extremely important tools for construction contractors. Any contractor that is looking at their options for truck crane systems will be relieved to learn that rental options can be an affordable solution for providing your workers with these tools.

Leave Operating the Truck Crane System to a Licensed Professional

Whenever you are arranging to use a hydraulic truck crane rental on your project site, you should determine who will operate it. These systems are extremely complicated to use, and they will be able to cause significant damage if the operator were to make mistakes while moving items. Some hydraulic truck crane rental services will be able to provide you with an operator for your rental. Conversely, you will also be able to hire an independent contractor to operate the crane, but this may be more costly and difficult.

Thoroughly Train Workers on Attaching Items to the Crane

In addition to ensuring that the crane is being operated correctly, you will also want to make sure that your workers are securely attaching items to the lift. Failing to do this correctly, could increase the chances of the item coming loose while the crane is attempting to move it, which could result in serious injuries to bystanders as well as significant damage or the destruction of the items that were dropped. Have a few workers dedicated to the job of attaching items to the hoist so that they can be thoroughly trained to avoid these accidents. You may need to update this training for each type of crane system that your workers will be using, but this will be well-worth any slight delays that this training will cause for the project.

Be Mindful of Where the Truck Crane Should Go

The location where the hydraulic crane truck is located on the project site will be another factor that will have to be considered. In addition to needing to be placed on a completely flat surface, you may also want to consider whether the crane will need anchors that can be deployed. Often, these anchors are in the form of spikes that can be inserted into the ground. This will allow for the crane to be held in place when it is moving heavy items. Without these anchors being deployed, the crane may start to tilt forward as a result of the weight that it is moving. If your crane system will utilize these systems, you may need to place the hydraulic truck crane on level soil so that these spikes can be effectively deployed.