Drilling A Water Well On Your Property

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Drilling A Water Well On Your Property

18 January 2021
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Drilling a water well is a common property upgrade that homeowners may have to make if they are to keep their house supplied with water. As you are preparing to make this upgrade to your property, there are steps and considerations that can help you to be fully prepared to oversee this improvement project.  

Mark Buried Power Lines And Utilities

Prior to having the water well drilled, it will be important to have any nearby power lines and utilities marked. This will avoid the risk of the drilling service damaging buried utilities. This can be a highly disruptive and dangerous mistake to make, and it is likely that the property owner will be responsible for the damages the utility suffered. Having these lines marked before the drilling service arrives will be a vital part of the preparations for this project. Furthermore, you will want to contact all of the local utilities in your area, as they may have lines buried on your property, even if they do service your home.

Appreciate The Benefits Of A Large Storage Tank

The water well system will utilize a storage tank that can hold the water that the system has pumped until it is needed by the home. As a result, you may want to prioritize installing a fairly large storage tank. This will allow you to avoid potential plumbing disruptions due to the storage tank being low and needing to be refilled by the pumping system. While a larger storage tank will need a larger area excavated, this can be necessary to make sure that the home is getting the water that it needs. This is particularly important for large households that may have intensive water needs.  

Avoid Having A Set Idea As To Where The Well Should Go

A property owner may have a fairly strong preference for where they are wanting to place the water well. Unfortunately, this may not always be an option. For example, the well drilling contractor will have no control over where the underground source of water for your property is located. As a result, they may have to drill several times in order to find where the water source is located. Due to this, you will need to be fairly flexible when it comes to your landscaping plans. Fortunately, the water well will be fairly small in stature once it has been installed, and this can make it possible to more easily blend it into the landscaping or to otherwise minimize the aesthetic impacts it will have.

For more information about water well drilling, contact a local drilling service.