Locate Property For Your Hay Farm

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Locate Property For Your Hay Farm

27 October 2020
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Hay is in high demand in the farming industry, and you may have decided that the farmland that you currently oversee won't be large enough for the expansion of your product line. Before purchasing land that is located in a rural setting, check out the conditions of the property and assess the location and the size of the land, to determine if it will work well for your upgraded business plan.

Drainage, Topography, Previous Usage, And Buildings

The layout of a piece of property will have a bearing on how well the land drains and might be an influence on how you ultimately decide to set up the property. Ditches, underground pipes, and gutter systems, which are attached to any existing buildings, will be signs that a parcel was cared for and that drainage concerns have been addressed.

Hay farms usually are located on land that is relatively flat, but this doesn't mean that you will not encounter a parcel that contains a few steep inclines. Learn how various plots were previously used and assess the barn, silo, or any other structures that are included with the land.

Cell And Internet Service And Driving Distances

You may ultimately decide to use some of the hay to feed your livestock, but most of your harvest will probably be sold to other farmers or businesses within the area. Having a cell phone and internet service is a must if you are going to reach out to prospective clients.

Check out the driving distances that you or your farmhands will incur by clocking the mileage between each property and places that are located within city limits. Once your hay farm is up and running, you and your employees will probably be very busy and won't have extra time that can be reserved for driving long distances every day.

Room For Storage And A Way To Care For Your Livestock

If you are going to sell your existing farm or if you are going to purchase the new property and operate dual farms, each with their own purpose, some or all of your livestock may need to move to the new land and this will require ample storage for feed and housing for your animals.

If there isn't a barn on a particular plot that you are fond of, but you have the funding and there will be ample space for the new addition, plan how much time and money will be needed, prior to starting up your hay farm. This information will help you decide if a particular farm property is suitable for your needs. If you find your farm is not suitable, consider finding hay farm properties for sale.