3 Things To Consider When Purchasing New Commercial Laundromat Equipment

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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing New Commercial Laundromat Equipment

2 October 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

When it comes to setting up a new laundromat or upgrading your existing laundromat, the equipment you choose to use in the facilities is extremely important. The equipment you choose will impact your customer's experience and the success of your business.

#1: The Cost of the Equipment

Before you start shopping around for equipment, it is a good idea to come up with a budget. Look at different types of equipment on the market in order to come up with a realistic budget that will meet your needs.

When it comes to the cost of the equipment, be sure to consider the warranty the equipment comes with as well as the cost you will pay for the equipment. Equipment that comes with a ten-year warranty that covers all parts, for example, could save you lots of money in repairs. An extensive and long warrant can provide a lot of value.

Also, consider how you will pay for the equipment. If you are paying cash, you may be on a tighter budget than if you pursue financing. Many commercial laundry distributors offer their own flexible financing options, allowing you to access the best equipment.

#2: Eco-Friendly Features

Second, you should consider the eco-friendliness of any machines you are looking at purchasing. When running a laundromat, other than equipment, one of the biggest operating expenses is utilities. It can take a lot of electricity and water to run a laundromat.

If you purchase eco-friendly machines that are designed to use less water and less electricity, those machines can help to greatly reduce your month-to-month operating expenses and increase your profits. Eco-friendly equipment may cost a little more up-front but will more than pay for itself by reducing your overall operating expenses.

#3: Control Options

Third, pay attention to the control options on the equipment. You want the controls to be easy to understand so your workers will not have any problems with the equipment. Additionally, you want the controls to offer options that work for the clients you are serving.

When looking at the controls, don't just pay attention to the settings for the washers and dryers. Pay attention to the payment options. Equipment that can take both quarters and cards for payments will allow you to expand the clients you serve if you are running a customer-facing commercial laundromat.

When purchasing commercial laundromat equipment, you need to consider your budget and what type of warranty comes with the equipment. You should seriously consider equipment with eco-friendly options that will reduce your utility bills. Make sure any equipment you purchase has customizable and easy to operate control interfaces.

For more information, contact a commercial laundromat equipment supplier.