4 Less Common Moving Issues to Plan For

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4 Less Common Moving Issues to Plan For

7 May 2020
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Dealing with moving is rarely a simple thing to do. There are lots of things you probably know you need to handle, such as finding packing materials, hiring a moving services company, and dealing with utilities. Some less common problems can creep up too, so here are a few things you ought to be looking out for.

Access Issues Where You're Moving To

Getting access to some locations isn't always as simple as parking a moving truck out front and unloading. Many buildings now have time restrictions on when folks can move items in and out. You may have to make arrangements with management if you're worried your move-in won't correspond with those times.

Similar issues can occur with roads in dense residential neighborhoods. For example, you might find the best spot for your moving truck is on a one-way street and pointed the wrong way for parking and offloading. Try to identify such potential problems in advance so you can discuss them with your movers.

Some Items Won't Fit in the New House

Most movers can work their way through complex floor plans to get items into a place. However, there are some locations where it's just impossible to get big or awkwardly-shaped items in. Photograph and measure any space you think might present a challenge. Likewise, you may want to consider getting rid of something like a problematically large couch rather than choosing to fight with moving it.

Extreme Weather Suddenly Appears

It's best to give yourself and your movers a couple of days of wiggle room to tackle a project. While moving services providers generally can deal with a bit of rain, for example, there is a point where bad weather, such as heavy ice and snow, might cancel a move for a couple of days. If possible, try to not be in a situation where you have to get everything moved in before you have to do something major, such as starting a new job.

Lost Items

Try as hard as folks in the moving industry might, occasionally bad things are going to happen. Plan for this possibility by taking a complete inventory of the possessions you're moving. Take pictures of everything, and catalog all of your boxes. Save backup copies of your lists and images to digital cloud storage too. If necessary, this information will help you file a claim with the moving service's insurance company.