Workforce Concerns Are Key Component In The Site Selection Process

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Workforce Concerns Are Key Component In The Site Selection Process

11 March 2020
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Site selection is a key consideration in company relocation or business development. Finding a new place for your business to call home is part preference and part logistics. A location in a desired area of town may not provide access to required services, such as rail line access, while a place with ample benefits on paper is a bust from a personnel perspective. The use of site selection services can help you weed through the technicalities of building a business and take into account additional considerations, such as local development ordinances, city codes, and the needs of current and future employees.

Accessible workforce

For growing businesses, access to a workforce at a preferred skill level is key. If you require college graduates with certain credentials, part of the site selection process includes establishing proximity to a brimming, diverse talent pool. During the research phase, you need to assess local access to higher education and certification programs to ensure a pipeline of qualified employees will exist in future years.

Commute considerations

When relocating businesses with an existing workforce, site selection carries added concerns. Existing employees may be excited to have access to a new building and upgraded equipment but find it hard to adapt to a change in commute times. Even if you are relocating within the same city or zip code, the travel time employees accumulate daily could double, triple, or more. Other times, the cost of mileage and lost productivity time for sales staff, executives, and other employees with required daily work travel can add up. Site selection services can take travel times into account when researching locations.

Nearby amenities

Not all employee perks are delivered in the pay envelope. According to Area Development, a publication focused on corporate site selection and facility planning, access to amenities is a key driver for young employees, particularly for startups. Your business does not necessarily need to have a yoga studio or barista in-house, but your workers may expect one in the building or nearby. Site selection must consider the type of environment your current or potential workforce expects and provide convenient access to those amenities.

Personal safety

Unless your business is able to invest in robust security services, an important component of site selection is personnel, client, and customer safety. Well-lit parking areas, easily accessible parking, and adequate lighting on public streets connecting the property to main arteries are key to promoting a secure environment. Safety also extends beyond assessing for potential criminal activity and includes access to wheelchair ramps, clearly marked crosswalks, sidewalks, and other public safety considerations.