Supplies You'll Need When Reconfiguring Ducts in Your Home

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Supplies You'll Need When Reconfiguring Ducts in Your Home

14 February 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Maybe you have made some changes to your home's layout or design, built-on an addition, or even finished an unfinished basement. During these changes, it is rather common for the network of ducts to have to be reconfigured. If you plan to do this work on your own, you should take a trip to a local HVAC supply store to pick up a few things. Here is a look at some of the items you will need to pick up while you are there. 

1. Duct Tape 

Even though duct tape is used for all kinds of other purposes around the house, it is still one of the most useful things to use for repairing ducts and reconfiguring ducts when you are rearranging things in the system. You can find a full range of duct tape at the HVAC supply tape, but it is best to stick with varieties that have: 

  • A string tensile strength
  • Heavy-duty adhesive capabilities 
  • The ability to stand up to variant temperatures 

The ducts are often beneath the home in a crawl space, in the basement, or the attic. Therefore, they can be exposed to all kinds of temperature changes and moisture; the tape you pick must be quality made to stand up to the conditions. 

2. Insulated Flexible Duct Line 

Insulated flexible duct line is a basic type of duct that is already wrapped in insulation and easy to install. The line can be mounted on a ceiling because it is lightweight and its insulated form means it is highly efficient. Multiple diameters of this line are available at most HVAC supply stores, so it is rather simple to match up the size of the current ducts you have with the size of a line that is available at the store. 

3. Register Boxes

If you intend to connect a new duct line to a new vent register during your work on your home, you will need to pick up a new register box to connect to the duct system. Register boxes are metal boxes that tap into the end of a duct and attach to the opening where the register will be placed in the floor or wall. The units mount using basic screws and fasteners and can be installed rather quickly. Just make sure you properly connect the register to the duct and seal it with duct tape to prevent leaks after installation.