Reasons to Sign Up for Your Executive Coach's Mailing List

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Reasons to Sign Up for Your Executive Coach's Mailing List

5 February 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Sessions with an executive coach can help you to improve the areas in which your leadership skills are a little shaky and make your strengths even stronger. Some businesspeople meet with an executive coach regularly—once a month, for example—while others schedule a series of appointments when they come up against a challenge that is proving to be difficult to overcome. However you structure your sessions, it's worthwhile to sign up to your executive coach's mailing list. Here are a few reasons why you can benefit from signing up and reading their emails. 

1. Tips That You Can Use

When you sit down with an executive coach, you'll often appreciate how they can look at a challenge that you're facing and offer some new ways of approaching it. You might have spent considerable time struggling with this challenge and appreciate how skillfully the coach can offer some solutions. You'll find the same sort of feeling when you read their emails. They'll be filled with tips that you can use to deal with a variety of scenarios during the workday. For example, one email might be all about being assertive with decision making and include some points that you can immediately implement.

2. Reminders to Book Another Session

When you have a busy work schedule and you're facing a challenge of any sort, your immediate instinct might not be to step back and book an executive coaching session. Instead, you might try a few tactics that help the situation, but that doesn't fully fix it. If you happen to receive an email from your executive coach while you're dealing with this challenge, it can serve as a valuable reminder to book another session. As you read the email and recall how your coach has helped you with past roadblocks, you might be quick to pick up the phone for help.

3. Content That You Can Share

When you work at the executive level of your company, you want the managers below you to be an asset in a variety of ways. This may mean that you often share what you've learned in your coaching sessions with them—or perhaps even refer some of them to your coach. In some instances, you might try to explain something that you've learned but feel as though your explanation is lacking when you compare it to how your coach explains things. When you receive an email, you can forward it to your managers so that they can read the advice directly from the executive coach. They may then decide to sign up for the mailing list, too.