Create A Display For Battery-Operated Merchandise That You Are Selling

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Create A Display For Battery-Operated Merchandise That You Are Selling

3 February 2020
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Alkaline batteries are necessary for the operation of many toys, electronics, and household gadgets. If you own a novelty shop and would like to provide your customers with an idea of how some of the products operate, create a display area for the items and keep a steady supply of batteries on hand to keep the items functioning during business hours.

Choose The Products That You Would Like To Promote

Hot ticket items, new stock, or merchandise that you think your customers will like, as long as they are aware of what functions each item includes, can be used as part of your display. Choose an equal amount of toys, electronics, and gadgets and keep the time of year or any upcoming holidays in mind when selecting the merchandise that you are going to promote.

Look at the packaging that the items come in to determine what size batteries you will need to operate the merchandise. Purchase alkaline batteries from a business that offers wholesale prices or a considerable discount for purchasing items in bulk. 

Include Batteries With Select Purchases

After you buy plenty of bulk alkaline batteries, use some of them to power up the items that are part of the display. Leave the merchandise turned off until you are going to be open for business. This will preserve the life of the batteries.

If you want to persuade people to purchase the items that you are promoting, offer a deal that will allow them to receive free batteries with the purchase of one of the items. As for anyone who is not going to be buying an item that is on display, allow them to purchase a package of alkaline batteries, along with standard merchandise that you are offering.

Use A Testing Kit To Determine When Batteries Need To Be Replaced

A battery testing kit will eliminate any concern over one of the display items not operating when a client is inspecting it. At the end of each day, use the kit to determine if an alkaline battery needs to be replaced. Dispose of expired batteries in a responsible manner.

Batteries that are designated for a single use can be added to standard trash. However, there are some facilities that accept alkaline batteries for recycling purposes. If you are vigilant about reducing your impact on the environment and would like to participate in a recycling program, collect used batteries inside of your store and periodically transport them to a recycling center.