Who Paints Towers And How Do They Get The Job Done?

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Who Paints Towers And How Do They Get The Job Done?

29 January 2020
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Thousands of towers and tall buildings exist in the United States. Many of these towers may be located in and around the area in which you are living. Whether a tower is newly constructed or was built centuries ago, there will come a time when it needs to be painted with a fresh coating of paint. Those who own these different towers will need to rely on professional tower painters who have the skills and experience needed to complete such a massive task that will take some time to complete due to the size of the various towers. 

Who Is the Right Candidate for Such a Job?

Tower painters are professionals who must take their jobs seriously while possessing certain skills that allow them to do the job correctly. Towers must be painted professionally to keep them from looking like an eyesore and a distraction to those who pass by them, especially those who are driving on a road or highway. The right person to take on a tower painting job would include the following:

  • Someone who is not afraid of heights because the height of the towers (that are often hundreds of feet tall) can be daunting
  • Someone who takes safety protocol seriously and will wear the proper equipment while completing the job
  • An experienced painter who knows how to carefully apply primer and paint in a way that will leave each tower looking new and refreshed
  • A reliable person who is willing to do the job each day for several hours at a time to complete the painting process within a reasonable amount of time

Some tower painting projects will take weeks at a time to complete. Multiple painters may be involved in the process of painting the tower because of its height and width.

How Do the Tower Painting Contractors Get the Job Done?

The company that provides tower painting services will create a contract with its clients. The contract will include information on the length of time it will take to complete the job and the cost of the project. After working through some of these specific details, the tower painting contractors may then arrive on-site to get started. They can begin painting any type of tower, such as a radio tower or water tower. The contractors need to know which colors to use when painting the tower. Commonly used colors include shades of orange, red, white, and gray, but the owners of these towers can choose from any of the colors they prefer.

The contractors would need to put on safety gear to protect themselves from falling while working on certain parts of the tower, including the very top. Aside from having their safety gear attached to their bodies, they would also have the painting equipment needed to begin applying fresh color to the tower. If lead-based paint was previously used, the contractors can remove that hazardous type of paint and then apply fresh and hazard-free paint that will leave the tower looking good. A freshly painted tower can enhance the overall appearance of the neighborhood it is in, especially if it has not been covered in new paint for several decades.

When tower owners need to have their towers painted, whether it is because they were just built or because they are old and covered in lead-based paint, they can contact a company that offers tower painting services. Experienced contractors will head over to the jobsite with their safety gear and painting equipment to get started. They will make sure to complete the job during good weather to ensure that the tower looks amazing and continues to stay looking that way for many years to come.