4 Reasons Why Mobile Veterinarians Should Migrate To Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

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4 Reasons Why Mobile Veterinarians Should Migrate To Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

23 January 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Mobile veterinarians, whether they're treating small animals in the home or large animals on a ranch, often have difficulty finding practice management software that's suitable for them. Many software solutions are designed for veterinary hospitals or clinics, and they often make it difficult to access information while you're on the road.

Thankfully, mobile veterinarians can choose to move to cloud-based veterinary practice management software in order to solve this problem. Your scheduling, billing and charting information is easily accessible from your smartphone at all times. If you own a mobile veterinary practice, read on to find out four ways in which cloud-based software solutions can benefit you.

1. Gives You Constant Access to Updated Patient Charts

When you use cloud-based veterinary practice management software, you can easily look up patient charts on your smartphone while you're en route to a call. This information is also kept current, so you never miss any updates. This is important if you have multiple veterinary providers in your practice and you need to see a patient two or more times in the same day — other providers who see the patient can update the chart with their findings and the treatment provided, allowing you to easily look up what was done.

Without placing your practice management software in the cloud, you'd need to spend time making phone calls to your other providers or your office in order to discover a patient's current history.

2. Schedules Emergency Calls While You're on the Road

Similarly, cloud-based veterinary practice management software makes it easier for patients' owners to make emergency calls. They can call you or your clinic staff while you're on the road or request an appointment using an online form. Cloud-based practice management software automatically schedules patient appointments and sets up reminders for you, and you can easily access this information by logging into your management software from your smartphone.

3. Allows for Faster and Easier Client Billing

Billing is often a frustration for mobile veterinarians, but cloud-based veterinary management software makes it easier. Without it, you'd need to return to your practice, print out invoices and manually mail them off to patients' owners. When your management software is in the cloud, owners are able to immediately pay online after services are rendered. This allows you to take point-of-care payments for your practice, which decreases the time you need to wait before receiving revenue for the treatments you provide.

4. Makes It Easier to Coordinate With Veterinary Specialists

Finally, cloud-based practice management software makes it easy to coordinate with specialist care. If an owner has an emergency with one of his animals that requires the attention of a veterinary surgical specialist, you can immediately contact one and send them a patient's entire chart. You don't have to fax or email medical records from your clinic. This reduces the time a patient needs to wait before receiving the care that they need to thrive.

Overall, the benefits of cloud-based veterinary management software make it the perfect choice for mobile veterinarians, whether they operate in a suburban area or a rural one. It's much more convenient for you and your patients' owners. If your practice is ready to make the switch, contact a cloud-based veterinary practice management software vendor and ask how your mobile veterinary group can make the migration into the cloud.