The Bullets To Dodge When You Are Buying And Selling Firearms At Auction

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The Bullets To Dodge When You Are Buying And Selling Firearms At Auction

9 November 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog

Buying and selling firearms at auction sounds like a great way to make some money and pick up a few new gun treasures to add to your collection or to your store. However, there are some bullets to dodge in this process. Here are those "bullets" and how to dodge them so that you can buy and sell without any issues arising. 

Background Checks and Dealer's Permits

Private sellers do not need permits to sell firearms at auction. However, buyers do need a permit to buy certain types of guns or buy guns in large quantities. Having to have a background check performed for every gun you want to buy is both time-consuming and a hassle. Having a buyer's or gun dealer's permit cuts through the problems of checking your criminal background for every gun on which you place a bid. Better still, if you get a buyer's/dealer's permit, you do not have to go through any background checks for any gun you want to buy anywhere in the next year. The permit gives you the added perk of being free and clear to purchase guns because your criminal history has been thoroughly investigated before you were granted a permit. 

Transportation Across State Lines and Registration

Let's say that you want to attend a gun auction in Arkansas, but you live in Missouri. It does not seem like such a big leap in terms of distance, but different states have different laws. Additionally, there are federal laws governing the transport of firearms from one state to the next.

The transport of the firearms you buy at the auction in Arkansas will not be an issue in the least IF you register the guns you buy right away and put the guns in your name. It does not matter if you intend to give the guns away or sell them to someone else once you return to Missouri. What matters is that you are abiding by the legal transportation of weapons from one state to another by registering your auction winnings in your name. You can easily register all your new guns online too, making the process a lot faster and easier. 

Shipping Weapons

If you won a massive collection of firearms, there is a good chance that you cannot load that much firepower in your vehicle and travel without someone noticing. Shipping that much in firearms proves to be a problem too, as some moving companies flat out refuse to haul loads of weapons. You will have to A) find a shipper that does not have a problem with shipping unloaded weapons, and B) ship your new cache of guns in lots of separate packages to keep them from being stolen or confiscated. In most cases, you will need a dealer's permit to ship that many guns.